You have completed Stage 2 but feel there is more to learn – you’re confident on the water but what about all those other bits of string? Our instructors are all thoroughly competent sailors but you won’t find one of them who ‘knows it all’. We all learn something new every time we set foot in the boat and grab the tiller/sheets in keen anticipation of the coming session. The advanced courses are set to a high standard and so we advise that you have gained more experience, after completing stage 2, either in your own boat or through our excellent Supported Sailing sessions, details of which are available in the Young Mariner and Junior sections.

The advanced courses give you all the necessary know how to cope with all the kit and confidently compete in club events.

Young Persons Stage 3 – 3 Days  YPST3   10 – 15  £200 per person

This course covers all the necessary techniques to sail alone in stronger winds. At successful completion of this course you are a competent sailor. If you are 15 or older, you can hire our smaller craft under adult supervision

Pre-course Ability:

Youth Sailing Stages 1 and 2 + further sessions

Course Content:

Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory.

Ability After Course:

Can launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions.

2007 Dates:
April: 9th – 11th
July: 7th – 9th, 22nd – 24th
6th – 8th

Young Persons Stage 4 - 3 days  YPST4    10 – 15 £200 per person

This course covers more advanced well as learn to reef afloat, pick up a man overboard, come alongside and ‘heave to’. This course consolidates everything learnt in the previous stages of the Youth Sailing Scheme. You should be a competent Stage 3 sailor before attending this course. We highly recommend you have recent sailing hours logged; our supported sailing sessions are perfect for this.

Pre-course Ability:

Up to & including Start Sailing Stage 3 or NSS Level 2 with recent logged sailing hours.

Course Content:

Five essentials, skipper/crew communication, seamanship skills, tack & gybe in stronger winds, use of anchor, all in double handers

Ability After Course:

Extremely competent, all-round sailor.

2007 Dates: 

July 20th – 22nd 
August 20th – 22nd



Young Persons Racing 2 days  YPR 10 - 15 £135 per person

Designed to help you carve your way through the fleet, this course looks at racing at club level and how to get in among the leaders. You will learn skills and techniques that will prove invaluable. Who says it’s not about the winning! This year we have scheduled our course so that it runs the weekend preceding Brancaster Staithe Sailing Week, perfect for anyone wishing to brush up their skills before taking part. For more information on the week please go to


Pre-course Ability:

Stage 3 with lots of sailing hours

Course Content:

Basic boat preparation, handling, tuning, race strategy, starting, tactics and rules.

Ability After Course:

Able to compete at club racing level.

2007 Dates:

August 4th – 5th  

Young Persons Spinnakers & Trapezing – 2 days  YPSPT    10 – 15 £135 per person

Everything you need to know about ‘kite’ flying exhilaration of being out on a wire, a wing and a prayer. This is the ultimate sailing experience, pushing you and your boat ‘to the limit’.  Not only the final element to modern dinghy sailing giving you the ability to control all 3 sails, but this is also essential for any one keen on racing double handers at their local club.


Pre-course Ability:

Stage 3 although we recommend Stage 4

Course Content:

How to rig the boat, deploy, gybe and recover one type of spinnaker, either conventional or asymmetric. How to sail the best possible course downwind. Trapezing techniques.

Ability After Course:

Able to use one type of spinnaker, conventional or asymmetric and trapeze basics.

2007 Dates:

August 18th – 19th

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