Escape - User Friendly Sailboat Revolution - Sailboats for the rest of us - Escape's mission is to empower anyone to sail, and to deliver you an Escape sailboat that will make you love sailing for the sake of sailing!
Ocean Kayak - 'To bring at least 1% of the earth's population closer to the ocean.' - In 1971, that was Tim Neimer's goal when he introduced the world's first sit-on-top kayak.  Since then Tim's designs have brough people not only closer to oceans, but to water of all types.
Musto Yachting - Performance clothing systems - Sailing makes a greater demand on clothing than any other outdoor activity.  Musto is the clothing for this most demanding of all outdoor environments
Neil Pryde - Gear for people going places and the world's leading windsurfing sailmakers - Heavy-duty zippers, buckles and fabrics come as standard on any Neil Pryde bag - they even use the same thread in their bags as they do in their sails.
Henri Lloyd - Advanced Marine Technology - Performance at the limit.  The true test of any technology.  And in sailing gear that means the Southern Ocean.  This is where we put theory into practice.  New fabrics, new construction techniques, new fits, new closures.  On-board, race crews - such as Swedish Match - put the gear through the most extreme conditions.  However you sail, Henri Lloyd make it more enjoyable.
Peter Lynn - C-squad design shape & history - The search was for a kite that would fly like a traditional foil, but without the air-filled double skin.  C-quads have the inflatable cells replaced by thin fibreglass rods.  One long rod in the front and several spines to have rigid bridle attachment points.  The largest surprise was that it actually worked!!
Wipika - Original kitesurfing - Wipika is the brand that gave birth to Kitesurfing.  Bruno and Dominique Legaignoux have devoted over 10 years of their lives to achieve a fantastic idea.  Kitesurfing exists today because they were able to imagine and develop a power kite capable of relaunching itself from the water.
Flexifoil International - Fly a Flexifoil power kite and experience the thrill, power, speed and exhilaration of this incredible multi-patented design.  You can experience hours of adrenaline-filled outdoor activity, there is simply nothing else like it.  It opens the door to a whole new sport which once you have experienced, you will be hooked.  The Stacker 6 is the perfect introduction to the sport and the safest way to become aware of kite pulling power.  As you become more experienced and want more power, upgrade to large Flexifoils or simply add more kites and build yourself a monster power stack.
Gill - Get dressed for it - Gill clothing systems are designed to withstand the most extreme and challenging conditions.  By working with top sailing teams who constantly push their boats and equipment to the limit, innovative materials and ideas are rigorously tested and thoroughly evaluated during sea trials.  This constant process of fabric and design analysis means that garments are continuously refined to offer higher levels of performance and comfort.

Gul - Shaped by the ocean - Multi-sport, surf, windsurf, bodyboard, wake & ski, marine and dive

Polartec - Thermal Stretch fabric woven in a two yarn bi-polar system to enhance moisture vapour management, you'll find this fabric moves moisture away from the skin and traps air in the weave to keep you warm.  Extremely soft and comfortable to wear, Hot Togs are quick drying.
Gore-Tex fabric Ocean Technology and Coastal Outerwear - Proven through thousands of hours of testing offshore, and design tested with crews such as the Chessie Racing team in the 97/98 Whitbread Round the World Race, this gear provides the most durably waterproof and breathable fabric system for sailors.  The more recently introduced GORE-TEX fabric Coastal Outerwear is put through similar endurance tests and manufacturing quality standards.
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  • Wetsuits (Shorties, Convertibles, Shorts, Vests, Fullsuits, Rash Vests, Gloves,etc)
  • Drysuits breathable and non breathable (Click for more information)
  • Spray tops and dinghy suits
  • Inshore and offshore water proofs
  • Thermals mid and base layers (Click for more information)
  • Dinghy/Windsurfer boots
  • Harnesses, buoyancy aids
  • and much more


Spares and Accessories
  • Large range of dinghy spares of all kinds plus spares and sails
  • Ropes and lines
  • Trolleys and trailers for any boat
  • Sail repairs


Dinghies secondhand and new
Canoes secondhand and new
Windsurfers secondhand and new


  • New Power Kites
  • Flexifoils
  • Kite buggies
  • Spares and more


Had a spot of damage on your boat?

Need a repair or want to get your boat in tip top condition give us a call to find out more.

Fully equipped workshop capable of working on Wood, GRP, Polyethylene and Epoxy construction.


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