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Shore based courses are an essential add-on for a wide variety of waterbased activities. If you are thinking of going on to Big Boat sailing, then all of the following courses are a necessary part of your knowledge base.  All these courses are run in small groups not exceeding 6 peole and therefore pupil - instructor communication and ‘hands-on help’ is assured.

Group Rates
*Please note for all shorebased courses, the indicated group rate for a minimum of 3 or 4  people will guarantee that your chosen theory course will go ahead.  Furthermore, if you give more than 2 months notice for a group booking, in either VHF or Diesel Engine Maintenance, you can choose a date that is most convenient for you to attend the course.
We are unable to provide this service during High Season from July to August.

Short Range Certificate VHF Radio – 1 day VHF £80/person £65 for groups 3-6

Training on the correct procedure and operation of a VHF radio. Providing you with a licence to operate your radio.  Please note a separate licence may be required for your vessel.  As skipper in charge you will be able to authorise your crew to operate your VHF radio.
There is a separate fee for the VHF Licence. Please bring a passport sized photo and a cheque for the RYA Licence fee

Pre-course Ability:


Course Content:

The most up to date aspects of VHF radio such as GMDSS and DSC.

Ability After Course:

Correct and licensed operation of a VHF radio.

Dates for 2007:

Feb 10th,
Sept 8th,
Oct 6th,
Nov 17th,
VHF GMDSS Update – ½ day GMDSS £40/person £35 for groups 3-6

If you have already got an old style VHF certificate, this will introduce you to the use of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

The dates for the GMDSS update are the same as for the VHF radio but only involve the afternoon session from 13:00 to 17:00.

Dates for 2007:

Feb 10th,
Mar 10th,
Oct 6th,
Nov 17th,

Diesel Engine Maintenance – 1 day  DEM  £80/ person £65 for groups 3-6

The know how to sort most minor problems that might affect you while on a cruise.  We will show you over a variety of different diesel engines, including one boxed to simulate the environment you should expect on board. By using problem solving techniques and providing you with a chance to fix them you will leave this course confident that you will not panic next time!  NB we may not have a model similar to your own and so be sure to consult your owners manual to ascertain the whereabouts of the parts in need of regular maintenance.
All the necessary paperwork is provided on the day and the certificate is part of the RYA Cruising Scheme.  We do not provide logbooks with this course, but they are available from our retail shop.  

Pre-course Ability:


Course Content:

Engine maintenance, diagnostics and breakdown repair.

Ability After Course:

Confident to maintain, service and minor repairs to most small diesel engines.

Dates for 2007:  

March 31st, 
November 24th

Day Skipper Course – 3 w/e  DST 350/ person £300 for groups 4-

cruising should join this excellent introduction to navigation. The syllabus guides would be skippers to the  knowledge required to navigate around coastal waters by day.
The 3 weekend course covers charts & symbols,  calculation of tides (secondary port), course plotting, use of GPS, IRPCS (rules of the road) - and modern electronic navigation systems.  There is extensive reading and coursework, and so we have left time between sessions for you to complete each module. 
You require course notes to complete this course, these are not included in the above price, but will be provided on the first day of your course.  We will be happy to post them to you, but be sure to bring them with you when you attend.

  • The following is a list of recommended  navigation equipment: all available from our shop  
  • Single handed dividers with stainless steel points  6” or 7”
  • Breton plotter or
  • Douglas protractor and parallel rule 12”-15”.
  • Pencil (HB – 2H) & rubber, Chinagraph pens and ordinary biros.
  • If you are starting out we recommend that you do not purchase your GPS yet.

Pre-course Ability:

Some practical experience desirable.

Course Content:

Basic seamanship and introduction to navigation and meteorology.

Ability After Course:

The syllabus arms would be skippers with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day. A basic knowledge of lights is also included – in case they arrive back late.

Dates for 2007:  

February 17th – 18th plus
March 3rd – 4th & 17th – 18th
September 29th – 30th  plus
13th – 14th & 27th – 28th

Yachtmaster Course – 3 w/e YMT  £350/person £300 for groups 4-6

A course for more experienced skippers, which takes them up to the theory knowledge required for the Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster practical course in the RYA Cruising scheme. This course is the natural follow-on to the Day Skipper Theory course above.  By the end of the course you will have gained the knowledge and be capable to carry out what is required to make passage across the Channel or sail the coastal/offshore waters around Britain & Europe. 

You require course notes to complete this course, these are not included in the above price, but will be provided on the first day of your course.  We will be happy to post them to you, but be sure to bring them with you when you attend.

Pre-course Ability:

Knowledge equivalent to the Day Skipper Shorebased course and some practical experience.

Course Content:

Navigation, meteorology, collision avoidance, safety and passage planning.

Ability After Course:

Understands the principles of navigating for coastal and offshore passages.

Dates for 2007:    

November 10th – 11th & 24th – 25th plus
8th – 9th

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