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We have successfully run instructor courses at SailCraft for the last 7 years.  To widen the scope we have tied in with Deepdale Backpackers Hostel (See Brancaster Staithe link on right) to provide accommodation at competitive rates, often included in the price, within walking distance of the sailing school. 

Accommodation is included at the ‘dorm’ level (each unit sleeps 6 – 8 and has en suite facilities). However you can upgrade to twin, triple or quad en suite by contacting Deepdale Backpackers direct and pay the difference.  If you do not require accommodation then you can deduct £10/night for both the Dinghy & Powerboat instructor courses.  In the case of ‘Validation’ courses and Endorsements the accommodation is ‘free’ and no reduction is available.  It is important to book your courses well in advance as the courses and the hostel are very popular.  We are unable to offer accommodation to anyone under the age of 18.  The Brancaster Staithe and Deepdale link also takes you to an excellent range of B&Bs, Cottages and Hotels - all a short driving distance from the sailing school.

You will be trained by a selection of experienced RYA coaches, chosen for their skill and knowledge of the local waters.  Brancaster Staithe Harbour is a tidal estuary which provides a challenge to the best sailors and is therefore an excellent location to hone your skills as a future watersports instructor.

Assistant Instructor – 2 Days code: ICAI

£150 no accommodation

Are you a local sailor aged 16-18? With bags of enthusiasm and experience to Stage 4+ or Seamanship Skills?  Then your sailing school needs you! 
If you are interested in working with young people and would like to teach what you know, we are looking for keen sailors to train in this 2 day course.  This is the first step to gaining your full instructor certificate.  There are no pre-requisites apart from ability and enthusiasm, so it is easy to start.  During the 2 day course we will guide you through the RYA method and how to teach it, give you an introduction to all aspects of theory and build your confidence.

Your Assistant Instructor certificate will be issued after 2 further days, putting your training into practice, assisting on one of our many Stage 1 or Stage 2 courses. The certificate is valid for 5 years to teach at this centre only.

Dates for 2007: 

July 14th – 15th

Instructor Training Weekend
1 Day code: ICTWE1
2 Days code: ICTWE2

£45/day £90/2 days inc 1 night accommodation

It’s been a long winter and your skills need polishing.  These weekends are specially designed for Dinghy Instructor candidates to learn/practice the skills required for the Dinghy Pre-Assessments listed below.  The training is provided by one of our resident senior instructors on boats you are likely to sail, and the sessions will be lively and informative. 
Your coach assessor will expect you to competently carry out the following manoeuvres:
Coming alongside, man overboard, sailing round a mark or safety boat in tight circles, sailing without a rudder or centreboard and possibly capsize recovery.
We will provide you with all the tips to make these tasks easy and maximise your chances of success.  You can also book one of our Seamanship Skills courses from our Adult Sailing scheme as these cover all the same disciplines.

Dates for 2007:

Feb 10th – 11th,
Mar 10th – 11th,
May 12th – 13th

Instructor Validation Weekend
2 Days code: ICVWE2
3 Days code: ICVWE3

£200 inc 2 nights accommodation

£300 inc 3 nights accommodation

A 2-3 day residential course that gives you a choice of any 2 or 3 qualifications required prior to your RYA Dinghy Instructor course. (NB Powerboat Instructors do not require Pre-assessment, but are expected to have achieved at least Level 2 Coastal Powerboat and have several years experience). We have included accommodation FOC if 2 or more days accommodation then the price is £12.50 per night.  If you have little or no Powerboat experience you should book a full 2 day Level 2 course – please go to Adult Sailing & Powerboat Courses – via the link on the right.  The Powerboat Level 2 assessment and the 1st Aid courses are open to anyone, not just instructors, who is interested in gaining wider experience.  The powerboat level 2 certificate entitles you to apply to the RYA for the ICC which is valid for 5 years.  The 1st aid course is a recognised ‘workplace’ course and has a 3 year validity.

Course Content:

First Aid, Pre-Entry Assessment and/or RYA Powerboat Level 2 Assessment.

Individual Options:

Pre-assessment £100 this must be completed prior to your dinghy instructor course
First Aid £100 1 day St John Ambulance 'Assisted Persons' + Water casualty &:
Powerboat Level 2 Assessment £100 (for those with experience, beginners must do the 2 day PB2 - please check out Adult Sailing & Powerboat Courses)

Dates for 2007:  1st Aid courses:

Feb 23rd,
April 13th & June 6th.


Feb 24th,
April  14th & June 7th.

Powerboat 1 day Assessment:

Feb  25th,
April 15th & June 8th

Dinghy Sailing Instructor Course 6 Days

£450 inc 6 nights accommodation

The Instructor course consists of 6 days of intensive but enjoyable training. It teaches you the RYA method, the structure of the RYA and how to teach sailing. The course is run by an RYA Coach Assessor and is moderated on the last day by a second Coach Assessor. The course will be the full 6 days to ensure that everyone has time to complete all the necessary training. You should note that this course will not run with less than 4 candidates. Accommodation for 6 nights is included in the price.


Pre-course Ability:

You must be at least 16 years old, have passed your ‘Pre-Entry’ Assessment.

Before finally qualifying:

You must hold a recognised First Aid Certificate, RYA Level 2 Powerboat Certificate and have successfully complete the 6 day Instructor Course.

Dates for 2007: 

March 24th – 29th & July 5th – 10th

Instructor Endorsements 1 or 2 Days Codes: ICCE/ICKB/ICRE

1 Day £100 - 2 Day £190

We offer 1 or 2 day endorsements for all RYA Dinghy Instructors to broaden their range of teaching skills. Certain RYA courses require that Instructors have the appropriate endorsement to their basic Instructor Certificate.
All the following include 1 or 2 nights accommodation.

Endorsements available are:

Coastal ICCE

Only an Inland Instructor? Upgrade to the full coastal. We will expand your horizons.

Keelboat ICKB

Want to teach in bigger boats? Then this is the way to get started and gain valuable experience at a low cost, before moving on to Yachtmaster Qualifications.

Racing ICRE

                                                                                                                    Giving you the ability to instruct the racing sections of the RYA Sailing Scheme.



Dates for 2007:

Coastal – June 6th – 7th,
Keelboat – June 8th – 9th,
Racing – June 10th

Powerboat Instructor Course - 4 Days

£400 inc 4 nights accommodation

You already have powerboat experience as an RYA dinghy Instructor or through years of recreational sport. Now is the time, growth in powerboat sports has been unprecedented, and the demand for a centre in the East of England to provide this training is long overdue.

As always we intend to provide a training course that conforms to all RYA standards, but also adds an extra dimension. A wide range of craft will be at your disposal to learn the necessary skills to teach others. Coded ribs, Displacement craft with inboard diesel engines and small but fast tiller-steered support craft will all be available.

Pre-course Ability:

You must be at least 16 years old and have a minimum of 5 years or 2 full seasons powerboat experience, preferably in both planing and displacement craft..

Pre-course Ability:

You must be at least 16 years old and have a minimum of 5 years or 2 full seasons powerboat experience, preferably in both planing and displacement craft..

Before finally qualifying:

You must hold a recognised First Aid Certificate, RYA Level 2 Powerboat Certificate and have successfully complete the 4 day Instructor Course.

Dates for 2007:  

September 3rd – 6th

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