Frequently Asked Questions

Internet bookings will be accepted from January 2007
Question:     Can I call up and reserve a place?

We can only reserve places on receipt of a completed booking form (printed or on-line) with full payment. However we will be pleased to let you know the status of any course when you contact us, offer alternatives or place you on the cancellation list for any full courses (No charge is made but we cannot guarantee a place will become available).

You can download our complete course schedule in calendar form from the 2007 Course Timetables.   Place availability is shown here for every course.

Question:     Can I pay the deposit only and still qualify for discount later?

Sorry no. We no longer take deposits. All bookings must be signed and dated with full payment, to guarantee that your courses are reserved.  Only bookings made before the specified time limits qualify for the early payment discount.


Do all courses qualify for early payment discount?

Answer:   Yes.  In the case of online Special Offers the period required for early payment discount will apply prior to the first course booked. 



I cannot get discounts to show when booking on-line!

Answer:   Do not worry.  We will calculate any discount/special offer/early payment to which you are entitled and then charge your card acccordingly. We are currently working on the website upgrade and when this goes on line, by the end of March 2007 at the latest, you will be able to book and see your discounts ‘as you go’.  This is one of many new features planned for next year.

Question:     Can group bookings be made using individual booking forms from each person?


No. Group bookings apply if ONE person organises a group for the SAME course. The savings are made in administrative work only and confirmation will be sent to the person who made the booking.  It will be that person’s responsibility to pay in full and inform other members of any relevant information sent in the confirmation.
Group booking discount prices are available for most adult courses and group size and discounted rate is indicated on the course banners.



I would rather book by telephone, can I take advantage of the special offers on the website


No. These offers are only available when booking on-line. Please also note that we can only confirm telephone bookings after you have returned the form we complete on your behalf, because this must be signed by you.  This requires posting or faxing to you, which will result in delays and may affect your entitlement to early payment discount.

Question:     My children completed Stage 2 last year can they go straight on to a Stage 3 course this year?

If they have had more sailing experience since their stage 2 course then the answer is yes. However if they have not been on the water since last years course, we strongly recommend at least 3 or 4 x Supported Sailing sessions prior to booking Stage 3. This is the same for all advanced courses. IE. if your child achieved Stage 3 last year then more experience will be required before booking the Stage 4 course.

Competent sailing skills are needed for attainment of Stage 3.  The advanced courses are really only suitable for good, all-round sailors.


Question:     I would like to do a level 2 course but cannot find a level 1 course with the right dates can I go straight to a Level 2 course?

We recommend not. However you can choose 2 x 2 hr or 1 x 4 hr Taster/Private lesson/s in order to cover the essential elements of the level 1 course. It will increase the range of suitable dates.

NB the advantage of these lessons is that you can set the agenda and therefore they are useful at any stage of your skills development.


Question:     I have done some sailing before, but it was a long time ago (IE over 5 years).
Do I need to start at level 1?

Not necessarily. If you have previous qualifications or considerable experience, you can book on to the level 2 course straight away.  If you feel rusty why not book a private lesson in order to refresh your skills prior to booking level 2.

If you have not steered a boat before then you should book level 1.



What’s the difference between a dinghy and a keelboat?


A dinghy describes any small craft with or without sail, up to about 18’-20’.  A sailing dinghy is inherently unstable to a greater or lesser extent and needs to be balanced by the crew.  A keelboat – normally – has a fixed keel providing balance, is between 18’ – 28’ long and is inherently stable.  A yacht is a large keelboat.  We use the Hawk 20 keelboats, which have a swing keel – stable – yet able to negotiate the shallow creeks to and from moorings.


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